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About Us

Our long history of selling technical cutting tools like industry blades, safety knives, scissors, etc. is the knowledge basis of our young dynamic team. Our target is to provide the solution for your cutting challenge. Today we supply the industry, f.e. car manufactures, the chemical sector, craftsmen, meat and food sector. We have a huge variety of products which can be applied in different demanding environments.

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Our history


1890  -  „Der Mensch steht im Mittelpunkt unseres Handelns und Denkens." (The human beeing is the focus of our thoughts and action)    

This has been the driver for Friedrich Hahne when he founded his company in 1890. At that time he focused on the hardware trade.

1930  -  „Die Familientradition wird fortgesetzt..." (Tradition of the family business is continued...)     

Industry needles have been added to assortment, according to the boom in the textile industry. Furthermore the son Friedrich-Eugen Hahne assumed the business from his father.

1950  -  „Neue Führung, neue Ideen..." (New managment, new ideas...)   

After the second world war Friedrich-Eugen Hahne led business until 1963. Then Roland Hahne took over responsibility over the company and expanded the assortment massivly. New products are scissors, knives, needles and blades.

hahne3 1994  -  „Einarbeitung des Nachfolgers Alexander Heuschen..." (Introduction of the successor Alexander Heuschen...) 

Friedrich Hahne is your partner for all technical cutting solutions. Inter alia we offer the coating of blades with f.e. titan to increase the endurance. Systematically we enhance our assortment to always be one step a head to the cutting challenges of the industry. Therefore we concentrate on safety knives to increase the safety for your colleagues and employees in your company and to massivly reduce the chance of accidents. We also offer a number of these knives made from detectable material or with your advertisment.

We are glad to support you with your challenges. Please do not hesitate to call us.